I remember one particular day, while in the midst of job hunting anguish, I’d debated about whether or not to take the Christmas decorations down sooner than usual. Usually, I wait a week until after New Year’s, so when I woke the day after Christmas Day, waffling about whether or not to take the decorations off the tree, I knew something was up.

The tree looked so festive, bright and merry… I didn’t want to remove that feeling from the room. It’s not like my kids were little anymore and would grab the ornaments. Not even a cat to worry about in that regard. So, why not just leave it in all its merriness?

A nagging remained, beckoning me to pack it all away. I knew it wasn’t just about packing up Christmas, it was about how I was going to manage the new year mentally.

When evening rolled around, I finally succumbed to the nagging and packed it all away.

Taking down the tree earlier than in years past was most definitely about wanting to control my work circumstances. The more I could clear off my to-do list, the sooner I could continue to focus on clearing out the main thorn in my side, the job.

I’d had several interviews for a few positions at other companies, but hadn’t been able to land anything new. It was incredibly taxing on me while working the job I had. There was no doubt about it, that job search took more grit, resilience, and self-love than I’d ever needed before. 

I knew my most important lesson, as I moved into the new year while job searching, was to mindfully select jobs that were right for me, from a place of realistic calm. And to work on my personal goals from a steady and peaceful place, while working to change my job situation. And also, to be more lighthearted about it all in general.

The most difficult part was not knowing when I’d land a new job, but eventually it happened.

Coping Skills for Anxious Job Seekers

Advice for Handling a Stressful Job Search

This article is worth your time if you’re feeling anxious about the job hunt. It begins by telling us there are many factors in a job hunt that can contribute to stress and then those possible reasons are listed, along with STRATEGIES on how to handle those reasons. Also, there are tips to manage the anxiety, such as taking care of details like unemployment and getting organized.

Click here to read the article and help alleviate anxiety.

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