travel to Dali in your head

travel to Dali in your head

Today we travel to Dali! Sometimes I wake up and want to be in a completely different place to experience something new. If planning a trip isn’t in the immediate future, another way to experience a new place is to scroll travel videos on YouTube, and this week we travel to Dali, a city in Yunnan Province in China.

Hence, I’m adding this series, travel in your head, to my relationship with self category here on the website. (I decided it’s a relationship with self  rather than a relationship with others because ultimately, exposing ourselves to new places does us a world of good within.)

As a lover of travel and a mom who is experiencing the everyday grind and honor (yes, both exist side by side) of trying to get my young adult boys on their feet, and, eventually, on their own, I need a place to go at least once a week where I can fill my cup by taking a few moments to just soak in a different locale.

Dali is a laid-back and stunning city in the province of Yunnan in China. If you like the video you can, of course, subscribe to Flora and Note’s channel.

So where is Dali, Yunnan on a map?

Erhai Lake adds to the location’s beauty as a backdrop to all of Dali City and, according to Wikipedia, sandwiches Dali Town in the west against the Cang Mountains.

Also according to Wikipedia, China is not a liberal or representative democracy.

That being said, the city looks like a fun place to visit with lots of activity and new experiences.

Take a moment and soak it in… let’s travel to Dali!

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