a sacred space

a sacred space

This image brings a sense of calm.

Here at my house, I set up my office/private room to feel, as one of my best friends calls it, “like a warm hug.” What a compliment. I just want the space to feel welcoming, safe and cozy… so I think I accomplished the mission.

Almost every morning I pop in my earbuds, while lying in bed in my bedroom, and meditate using the daily session in the Chopra app on my phone. It’s the perfect way to start my day.

But when I need my office/private room to write or feel solitude, I shut my door and relax in the warm hug vibe. Things that contribute to this vibe include candles, a big comfy chair with pillows, select pictures, decorations, and an essential oil diffuser. The diffuser was a gift from the same friend, and it came with a selection of six scents. Over time I’ve appreciated how each scent can contribute to a calming atmosphere, and I think eucalyptus is my favorite…

Our personal spaces effect the way we think and feel. People have different beliefs as to what works, and I’m beginning to explore more of what that means for me. I don’t appreciate stereotypes, and things such as crystals and sage can conjure up images of spiritualism that seem a little “out there,” but that shouldn’t keep us from exploring these things, if they are right for us.

Why do people who discount them get to determine what’s helpful for the rest of us?

They shouldn’t.

Part of my journey, that has transpired from fully accepting my own beliefs, is not caring what others think about them. Rather, I am exploring deeper spiritualism outside the conservative boundaries I was brought up in.

If you’d like reasoning behind why creating a sacred space is valuable and tips on how to do it, this article is for you. It’s a quick, insightful read and helps get us going on creating a space for our spiritual growth.

Personally, I really like having a space dedicated to centering and spirituality.

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