an interview with the one and only Rob Bell on his book Where’d You Park Your Spaceship

an interview with the one and only Rob Bell on his book Where’d You Park Your Spaceship

Earlier this year I had the honor of setting up this Rob Bell book interview for his novel Where’d You Park Your Spaceship?  If you can handle my eyes TWICE THEIR SIZE because of my glasses, then you’re good to go, and, hey, this interview isn’t about me anyway! (And I’m a little exuberant at times so please have a lil’ mercy. I mean, I am interviewing one of my favorite people on this planet.)

My review on his book? Rob Bell takes you into another world— or more correctly, worlds, with creative, unconventional, and tender storytelling that moves you and leaves you wondering about the next book in the series. Loved it.

Synopsis from his website below:

Heen Gru-Bares has been SERIES 5 for most of his adult life, traveling from planet to planet collecting data and filing reports for the CHAIRS who run the universe.

And then he lands on the planet Firdus for his next assignment and he meets Borns and Lan Zing and Ziga Mey and Dill Tudd and something unsettling begins to stir within him, something unnerving and profoundly disruptive. Out of all the planets he’s been to over the decades he’s been doing this job, what is it about this one particular planet Firdus that so subversively affects him like it does?

And then Noon Yeah shows up and he learns that she’s a SIGN 7,
sent to Firdus to do a GRAINING because he failed to execute
the task at hand-it’s more than he can bear as what he thought
was his life begins to unravel around him…

Will Heen make it through this devastating turbulence?
What will happen to Dill Tudd?
And is all of this a setup, one of the symptoms of a larger malaise that will continue to spread through the entire universe unless someone does something to stop it?

It’s a galactic saga of struggle and survival.
It’s an interplanetary tale of love, loss, and bread.

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Where’d You Park Your Spaceship? A Rob Bell book interview

Rob Bell


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more like fiery creativity!

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where'd you park your spaceship

Now let’s hear what Rob has to say on these two topics!


In your book, there are reasons to be unhappy with how THE CHAIRS arrange things on the planets, yet they improved the education system, and, from an economic standpoint, they do “floor to ceiling checks” to make sure everyone has what they need, so it’s evident that THE CHAIRS do some things right. What are your thoughts on this?


In your book, an event called “The Brownball” takes place when Earth is no longer inhabitable, and the fortunate inhabitants escape to other planets. Specifically, in the future, one teacher in the book says Earth was destroyed because of the plow. On your podcast, (The Robcast), you’ve had Jeff Tkach on as a guest a couple of times from Rodale Institute, and they specialize in organic farming and caring for the soil. Can you talk to us a little bit about the work Rodale Institute is doing to help us take care of Earth?

Netflix film Kiss the Ground

Rodale Institute 

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You can download the first 100 pages above.

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