find the light side in the everyday

find the light side in the everyday

The solar eclipse occurs today, and, in Colorado, we’ll see a partial solar eclipse between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm MST with a max partial eclipse around 12:30 pm. Cool stuff, and, in connection to this eclipse of solar energy, the post today focuses on finding light in the everyday.

Morning is my favorite time of the day. (I know, some of you groan at how this can be.) But it’s a fresh start, and I wake up, pop in my earbuds, and listen to a meditation on my phone app. Usually, the meditation is helpful, sometimes it isn’t, but I like the structure it provides for me ten to fifteen minutes every morning before I get out of bed.

Whatever it is I’m feeling during meditation, I pinpoint it, breathe into it, hold it, then exhale. If it’s a negative feeling or thought, it’s usually associated with fear. My thoughts can include I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do, or I’m out of practice on traveling overseas (yes, some of us get anxious over travel even though we love it), to I’m not sure what I need today. When I think the last thought, I rest and accept what I’m thinking and feeling, and then the next right step unfolds. It’s all about total self-acceptance.

Right now, I’m on the final print edit of a book I’ve worked on for a long time. For those of you who know me well, it feels like it’s “the book edit that never ends.” That’s how it feels to me, too, but I’m almost there!  (The ebook is done!) But I wake up and tend to feel mired in the mud of the everyday task of finishing the print edit. Only four more chapters to go!

And then, after that, marketing the book. Sometimes the marketing aspect feels like a total eclipse on my energy, but for the most part, I’ve trained my thoughts to view marketing the book as a positive thing, and I’m able to move into the lighter side of life by focusing on the positives regarding marketing: I’ll learn new marketing strategies and creative ways to implement social media. And I have a day job (that I like, even) that affords me the luxury of tweaking marketing strategies without feeling financially strapped. Lots of good things there.

Still, the tough parts of life are real. Just like when you wake up, and, yes, you’re thankful for the good things, but it doesn’t take away the tough things that come to mind because let’s face it, life is a challenge.

There’s so much negativity out there and within. It’s what we choose to listen to that makes the difference for us. We decide who we are, not someone else. There’s so much positive, too, and it doesn’t mean we’re denying our truthful, pained parts when we focus on the joyful aspects.

Just like this upcoming eclipse, our negative thoughts can momentarily block the light, but when we look for the positive thoughts, it’s a simple truth that leads us out of the darkness.

This article talks about the reality of stress in our lives and gives us tips on how to find joy.

Here are the main points but if you want to read the whole piece, it’s a quick, helpful article. Here’s the link!

1. Over 75% of us experienced at least one stress-related symptom in the last month, like headache, fatigue, nervousness or feeling depressed.

2.“Happiness is an emotion, whereas joy is more a state of being,” says Rebekkah Frunzac, M.D., general surgeon and chief wellness officer at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin, TX.

3. Joy isn’t experienced in a vacuum. Most of the time, it’s a feeling or sentiment that spreads to others through our attitudes and actions.

4. Tips for discovering joy:

Focus on what we can control:

Many possible stressors in life are outside of our control. The weather, how others treat us, our past, natural disasters, our relatives, and other aspects of our lives exist without our input. While building joy, focus time and attention on things we can control.

Express Gratitude

Assume Good Intent:

I’m learning to assume good intent even if I don’t see eye to eye with another person. This comes into play bigtime with extended family. Just because another person may have good intentions, it doesn’t need to work for me, whatever the situation may be, but I can still assume good intent on their end. I once heard a woman say that assuming another person is doing their best keeps her focused on her path ahead. That stuck with me.

Concentrate on Building Relationships

Keep Perspective


Here’s the link to the article for more details under each tip!