the self-publishing process – create a full wrap book cover in Canva

the self-publishing process – create a full wrap book cover in Canva

For several weeks, I took a break from querying and focused on the self-publishing idea. I purchased a blueprint on how to have a sucessful self-publishing launch (which includes setting up book reviews first and foremost, yikes). Not for the faint of heart… but it can be fun and liberating! I purchased the blueprint from Cara Stein, so I’ll keep you updated on results. No, I don’t get paid for resources mentioned here, it’s just personal experience.

I enjoy working in Canva, so I decided to mock up a cover. I purchased an image through Adobe stock, brought the image in and worked on it. Or you can hire out, of course. I’ve worked in marketing (which isn’t the same as design, I know), but I have a good feel for design, so I gave it a try. I’m happy with the end product. Here is the full wrap:


Today’s resource is  Vania Margene Rheault, who provides step by step instructions on how to create a full wrap book cover in Canva. 

After creating the cover, I researched KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and brought my manuscript into Vellum, which is available for Mac only.

If you don’t own a Mac, I hear a software program, Atticus, is available for all computers. But for the sake of this post, I will talk about Vellum.

I brought in my manuscript and immediately loved it. It was so cool to see the words in Kindle format. I started at the beginning of the manuscript and tweaked formatting so it looks good on a Kindle, and it’s easy. They provide the visuals for you, there isn’t any second guessing. If you have a Mac and want to try it out, it’s free until you generate files. Formats are available within Vellum for Kindle, Apple books, Kobo, Google Play, and Nook, but, like I said, it all works on a Mac.

 If you’re interested in creating a full wrap book cover for both print and ebooks, check out today’s resource below!

I love this author’s website, the look and feel, the layout, and step by step directions. She goes into the kind of detail we need in her full wrap instructions post, to ensure dimensions and formatting are correct.

If you’re interested in creating a cover, check out the post and give it a go. You can start with the free version of Canva. I pay $12.95 monthly for Canva Pro, and this paid version includes a background remover, which I find worth the price.

The main steps for creating a cover include:

1. Have a formatted manuscript

2. Go to kdp to calculate book features and dimensions to create the template

3. Download the template onto your computer

4. Upload the template into Canva

5. Follow Vania’s step by step instructions in Canva

These are the main steps, don’t let it intimidate you. When you click on the link to Vania’s website, her instructions are clear and simple.

Happy creating!