the barbie nominations debate

the barbie nominations debate

It’s hard to miss the controversy surrounding the Oscar nominations this year in regard to the movie, Barbie. Or should I say lack of nominations for lead actress Margo Robbie and director Greta Gerwig.

Like many others, I was pissed when I heard the news. How is it the lead actress and director don’t receive nominations, yet the movie is nominated for best picture? Barbie was the highest grossing film in 2023, earning over $1.4 billion at the box office, and, no, that doesn’t guarantee an Oscar, but it does say something about its appeal.

I think I speak for most us that we’re happy to see America Ferrera receive her first nomination for best supporting actress and Ryan Gosling best supporting actor… yet, the sting remains… how the lead actress doesn’t receive a nomination as Barbie in the movie Barbie, and neither does the woman director. A movie about the Patriarchy ruling the world seems to carry its very theme into this year’s nominations.

I read up on it, expecting to find articles in line with my thoughts on the issue, but, for the most part, that was not the case. I was encouraged to take a step back and look at it through a larger lens.

To make it a quick read, I highlighted my main takeaways from each article and posted them below. If you want to read the article itself, just click on NPR, PBS or The Hollywood Reporter.

My personal rebuttal to Ann Hornaday’s comments is, “Greta Gerwig’s movie may not be auteurist, but it is rigorous and ambitious work. And, yes, Poor Things is a comedy that made the cut, but it is directed by a man.  (I plan to watch it soon.)


 If you want to check out this additional Hollywood Reporter article, click here. It combines articles from The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Slate, and others on the topic. Be prepared, some of it is snarky and of the opinion Barbie is lucky to receive attention at all. Other bits of the article make good points, and it’s worth a read if you want more coverage on the topic.

Margo Robbie is delighted about the amount of attention the movie is receiving, and if you’d like to read the Vanity Fair article, where she is interviewed on the topic, click here!

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